Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Shipwrecked Plunder Boys: Harr Hanchor Limited Edition from Goodleg Toys Available Now!!!!

    I can't tell if these dudes are ready to star in a crazy horror film or one of those late night movies that you can find on Cinemax (not that I can even stay up that late anymore, but I've heard stories).  Either way, it seems like massive amounts of booty is about to be plundered whenever Harr Hanchor is around.  Imagine how much more interesting Deadliest Catch would be if someone that looked like this was running one of those crab boats.  That show was cool at first but now its either "we found some crabs" or "we ain't got no crabs" or someone falls overboard succumbing to the cruel mistress that is the sea.  Throw this guy in the mix and now you've got yourself something worth watching.  This Bubble Gum edition of figures is available right now from the only guys who could come up with something this nuts, Goodleg Toys. Start building up your pirate crew at http://goodlegtoys.storenvy.com

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