Thursday, July 16, 2015

Post SDCC Sale from 3A Happening Tomorrow

     I've never braved the halls of San Diego Comic Con.  I've never waited in lines days in advance to see my favorite celebrities in a panel, or fought through the masses to score a toy release.  But every year as it's going on I am glued to my computer waiting for trailers and photos to be uploaded and hoping against all hope that exclusives will make their way online for much more reasonable prices than you can find on eBay.  For fans of 3A, your ability to purchase the figures you wish you could have gotten will happen tomorrow.

    Mind you the packaging and the toys themselves will offer slight variances from their SDCC counterparts, but this is much better than trying to sell your kidney on the black market to pay those ridiculous toy flipper prices.  Trust me, I've considered the organ trade many times before.

    The sale is going down tomorrow, July 17th, starting at 9am Hong Kong time and lasting for 24 hours only at

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