Tuesday, August 18, 2015

threezero's 1/6 Scale Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad

   Life is easier to fully enjoy when you keep meth dealers out of your house.  Not that I've had the occasion to invite or not invite meth dealers over, because I've never known one.  But if I did, I'd have to be like "look bro, I'm cool with chillin at the food court, maybe grabbing some Sbarro, and checking out the H&M sale, but you can't come over."  See cause folks that sell meth have to have people to buy it, and those people really don't need to know where I live.  I'm not down with extras from The Walking Dead trying to steal my tv or bum money off of my cats.

    That Jesse Pinkman guy from Breaking Bad seems like a pretty cool dude, but rules to live by are not meant to be broken.  Though I would made an exception for this ultra detailed toy from threezero. Despite the fact that it looks amazingly life-like, I don't think the DEA is gonna pressure me to turn informant on an action figure.

    Like every threezero figure, ol Jesse comes with plenty of accessories to live out that life on the edge, like a gun and fat stacks of cash.  Speaking of cash, you can spend yours preordering this figure on Friday, August 21 at 9am Hong Kong time from www.threezerostore.com.

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