Friday, August 14, 2015

"Leviathan" Lottery from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Happening Now

    I'm gonna say it:  This is my favorite release EVER from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore.  Other than the fact that this dude looks literally and figuratively killer, I have been obsessed with great white sharks since I can remember.  My dream vacation would be to go to South Africa and see the ones that jump out of the water.  They have boat tours that will fill the water with blood and guts to attract them to the boat and you can see freakishly close, as in they could bite your face off close.  Having never seen one in person I wonder if they would even look real to me.  When Sharon and I went to the National Zoo in Washington we were hell bent on seeing the panda bears.  Upon arrival the three of them were chilling inside this glass enclosure, eating bamboo, and looking like they might have been little people in suits.  You see them on tv and they look so cute, but in person they look like any minute they're gonna check their cell phones and you're gonna realize they're just tiny college kids trying to earn some extra money.  

    If this guy attacks you while you're enjoying a nice day at the beach with the family don't bother punching him in the nose.  Save your energy and start praying for forgiveness for all the bad stuff you've done in life, cause you're gonna meet your maker real soon.  The lottery to own on of these Leviathan figures is happening right now and ends just before the stroke of midnight tonight.  Get your funds together and enter over at

    If lotteries aren't your thing and you're more into impressing people with the speed that you can enter your credit card info, then take a crack at purchasing one of these Sludge Demons.  They go on sale this Sunday at noon eastern time only at

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