Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kozik x Kidrobot's Tribute to All Things Delicious

    I am usually against posting sneak peaks because they lack all of the important details you, my very intelligent and quite attractive readers, need to make an informed purchase.  Today, I make an exception for all things that are both delicious and made of chicken.  Never have I loved something that causes me so much intestinal distress as I love KFC.  Even though I haven't had it in years (for my own health and that of public restrooms in Southern New Jersey) I can still taste the Colonel's original recipe like I just housed an entire bucket of deep fried heaven.  And let us not forget those delicious biscuits that they never give you enough of.  Fill a bucket up with those too my friend, and let us feast like peasant kings!!!

    I've been following the developments of Frank Kozik's chicken man ever since he first posted up the beautiful 3D sculpts from Bigshot Toyworks, and now it looks like Kidrobot will be producing these suckers in the very near future.  Just look at these renders below and tell me with an honest heart that you don't want this:

    See, you couldn't do it cause then you'd be a liar, and liars don't get any chicken in my house!!!  Let's bring a familiar friend back to tell you just how I feel about this toy:

    Yes I do little otter buddy. Yes I do.  

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