Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"Tales from The Netherknowle" Kickstarter from Taylored Curiosities

    Who doesn't love a good adventure?  Most of mine usually end with the line "and that's how we ended up spending our weekend in the emergency room", but that's like a whole separate bonus adventure itself.  Some of the more interesting ones I will tell you about as soon as there is no question whether or not the statute of limitations has passed.  I've seen enough episodes of Scared Straight to know that prison would be the death of me.  Not from a stray shank to the ribs, or from some beast of a man thinking I look like his ex wife, I'm talking about the food.  Have you see what they get fed, cause lunch is pretty much capital punishment.  Your demise may not be as quick as with the electric chair, but you'll be wishing for it the moment your body tries to extract and nutrients from that old bologna sandwich.  That's the kind of adventure I do not need in my life.

    I would, however, be willing to go anywhere with these little dudes.  They're as trustworthy as those beavers from Narnia and I'm sure something magical would happen on your trip.  Maybe you would meet a talking raccoon who wants to chat about the newest season of True Detective, or maybe you would stumble upon a witch's house made of beef wellington.  The possibilities are only limited by your imaginations, which could spell trouble for some of you.  I kid, you know I love you unconditionally.  Or is that conditionally?  Which one is it where you have to do stuff for me or I cut you off?

    Taylored Curiosities wants to send you on an adventure with her newest creations, but in order to start your journey you have to back her Kickstarter campaign.  Check it out here and pack your bags to do some serious exploring.  And watch out for cops cause I will not bail you out.

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