Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Rundown of Upcoming Kidrobot Releases

    Sometimes in this life you just need to cuddle something.  Sometimes you need to sit on the couch, watch your DVR'd episodes of Naked and Afraid and just snuggle up to something soft and warm.  Sometimes your cats get sick of you holding onto them like a fuzzy little therapy doll and will bite you repeatedly to get you to stop crying on their fur.  If this sounds like you than you are the perfect candidate to own these plush buggies from the hit game Best Fiends and Kidrobot.  Look at how adorable they are, just waiting for to pick them up and melt away the stress of the day.  As an added bonus their teeth seem to be made of felt, which last time I checked will not cause unwanted blood loss.  Best of all they're available right now for only $5.99 each at  

    I've really gotta get out and get a hair cut today.  I'm starting to look like a Sears catalog model from the '70's.  No not the underwear dudes, more like the husky section, which truth be told doesn't seem that flattering now that I'm reading it.  Maybe I'll actually run to the Hair Cuttery and sweat out some of this manliness.  

    I'm thinking I could pull of this sick Baby Huey fade.  You gotta admire someone hell bent on destroying our country who looks so ridiculous.  Maybe if he let his people have the internet one of his advisors could tell him that the old high and tight may work for Dolph Lundgren, but not so much on his pumpkin head.  Frank Kozik's depiction of this megalomaniac will be available starting this Friday, August 7th, from your favorite toy retailers.  Available in two different colors and priced at $65 each, you can easily afford to get em both and impose your own UN sanctions.   

    This is what I like to see.  Yes, of course I like to see Dunnys cause they're my jam and whatnot, but I like to see new artists get a shot at making awesome production pieces.  Way back in the past you couldn't have had all the Dunny artists in the same van at once because if something tragic happened that would be the end of the line.  It was a serious issue.  But the new regime at Kidrobot knows that there are talented folks all over this world who can bring it when it comes to designing a toy.  One of these new talents is Wuzone, who killed it with his debut 8 inch figure.  You can pick one up next Friday, August 14th wherever you like to buy your toys.  

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