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Monday, February 1, 2021

New Limited Edition Dumpster Fires from 100% Soft


  The year 2020 was something else, huh? And now that we're a month into 2021 it doesn't look like the magical change we hoped for is coming any time soon.  But do not despair, for every dark, evil, storm cloud has a silver lining, and silver is worth a lot of money if you have enough of it. See, things are getting better already!

    100% Soft created the perfect toy in response to the nonsense that was last year and he has just released two new limited versions so we can continue to celebrate the never ending smolder. There's one for Valentine's Day with extremely non edible candy hearts, and one for the lunar new year, that may or may be filled with enough luck to get you through to brighter days.  Both are available now at

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Boomu Plush from 100% Soft

     This is how I want to die.  I want a giant, cuddly, kaiju kitten to rise from his home deep within a mountain and devour me with snuggles.  You can keep your "hails of gunfire" and your "blazes of glory" cause I'm going out to the sounds of monster kitty purrs thank you very much.

    If you don't love this Boomu plush from 100% Soft you are both wrong and a terrible person.  It is flawless in its adorableness and is ready to stomp its way into your heart (and your city, which is pretty much doomed).  This 8 inch tall plushy is available right now for only $20 from