Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Warbot Full Load Preorder from 3A

   I love a good theme and what better theme than machines of war!!!!!!!!!!!!  I started it off Monday with a wrestling tag team named War Machine and I'm continuing it today with actual combat robots. Forget flying cars and Legos that don't hurt when you step on them, this is the future!  Each nation builds the best robots they can, they duke it out, and a winner is declared without so much as one drop of blood spilled.  And you could put it on pay per view to support educational funding so Americans could finally go to college for free.  Why no one begs me to run for public office I'll never understand.

   This is one mean looking dude from 3A and he certainly isn't going deer hunting with an arsenal like that.  There's nothing like the old skull and crossbones to let people know what you're about, but enough fire power to wipe a small town off the map doesn't hurt either.  Dude even comes with a machete and a cleaver in case things have to get real nasty.  Available now for preorder through for $200, this 13 inch figure is ready to come and lay down some hard truths on the rest of your collection.  

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