Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Geisha Tomorrow Queens from 3A

    I never understand why they would bother training attractive people to be assassins.  They are the least inconspicuous because everyone is always watching them.  If someone that looks like Heidi Klum walks into a room and kills someone, no matter how discreet it is, you will hear the most detailed eyewitness testimony in the history of the American judicial system.  You would think everyone was handed a script to read from.  That's because attractive folks always have other people staring at them, especially if someone was abnormally attractive like how Hollywood always casts these characters.  They couldn't sneak an extra puff pastry without everyone in the room knowing, let alone deliver a lethal dose of poison to an arms dealer.  

    All eyes would definitely be on these ladies from 3A, but they don't look like they're here to take the subtle approach to their business.  Not that you could anyway walking around with sticks like that.  Nope, once you commit to that sort of weapon you're going in melee style and taking down whoever gets in your way.  These 1/6th scale beauties will be available starting this Friday, March 3rd, from http://www.bambalandstore.com for $140 each.  

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