Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cyclops-X/ Prototype 1 from Plaseebo

    The bathrooms at Penn Station in Manhattan always remind me of the den of some horrible creature.  The walls are filthy with substances that would defy medical science, people are having conversations with the ghosts of previously devoured meals, and no one in there right mind would enter there if it wasn't deemed a life or death situation.  I was passing a kidney stone the last time Sharon and I were in New York and it was only in that desperation that I dared tempt the foul beast.  Luckily he didn't appear, but some crack head was waaaaaay too close behind me at the urinal to let my guard down.  He must have been one of the true beast's lesser minions.

    Plaseebo has out done himself in the nightmare creating department with this guy.  I have no problem believing he's out there terrifying some village by dining on its residents.  You can own this one of a kind horror show when he goes on sale today (Wednesday, February 1st) at  If you have kids he would look awesome under their bed.

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