Friday, February 3, 2017

Slate Gray Wolf Thing Bat Mother from Joseph Harmon x Toy Art Gallery

    I live in an area that is home to arguably the most mysterious critter in history: The Jersey Devil, but he's not really celebrated in the ways you would expect.  Dude has been relegated to cute little bumper stickers and stupid shirts with him bar tending at a local watering hole.  There's no statue honoring his place in American folk lore, no yearly celebration with a parade and devil shaped balloons for the kids.  Talked about a missed opportunity for tourism that extends beyond people wanting to go to the beach and leathering up their skin.  I wonder how much a big bronze statue costs?  Maybe I should put a Kickstarter together.

    The Wold Thing Bat Mother from Joseph Harmon looks like he stepped out of a very bizarre folk tale and right into your heart.  Produced by Toy Art Gallery, this slate gray version will be available today, Friday February 3rd, at noon pacific time for $35.  Secure yours at and make up your own baby snatching stories, nail them to every tree you can find, and wait for the panic to ensue.  There's nothing like working the villagers up into a torch wielding frenzy.

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