Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Catzilla One of a Kind Figure from Plaseebo


     When Sharon and I lived in our first apartment we had a bunch of cats that would come by looking to be fed.  One was especially personable and we named him Fergus, for what reason I have no idea.  He would come by, stand on his hind legs, and peek into the windows to get our attention whenever he was hungry.  Sometimes he would follow us into the house which became increasingly uncomfortable, because every time we saw him he had a different ailment he was dealing with.  One day he was missing a chunk of his ear, another he had a dangly tooth poking out from his mouth; it was always something and always rather gross.  So one morning I'm leaving for work early in the morning and this black flash of fur darts past me when I open the front door and makes camp under our bed, where my unsuspecting wife is still asleep.  Now part of me wanted to leave the dude there and let my wife wake up to the kitty from Pet Semetary licking her face, but a bigger part of me wanted to stay married, so I evicted him back into the wilds of the cul-de-sac.  We tried on numerous occasions to get him to stay in the house so we could permanently adopt him but he wasn't having it.  I guess it would have cut into his MMA training regiment.

    Somehow, without any input from me, Plaseebo has perfectly captured the spirit of Fergus the Wounded (that's his Game of Thrones name) in his latest creation.  This one of a kind creation of course comes loaded with a color changing LED light that you may mistake for some angry demon soul trapped within it's throat:

    Scary stuff.  The Devil's kitten can be yours by visiting  

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