Thursday, February 23, 2017

New Work Available Now from Colin Christian

    Admit it, you need some glitter in your life.  You need some super sparkly things to hang on your wall but what you don't need is the unwritten rule of glitter, in that you will find bits and pieces of it everywhere for the rest of your life.  Put glitter on something just once and you will find it in your eyelids, on your cats, at your desk at work and anywhere else you can imagine.  Inviting glitter into your home in its raw form is like watching that tape from The Ring.  Glitter is the girl in the well in case you didn't see where I was going with that.

    Fear not though, because Colin Christian has ensured that any of the shiny stuff he uses in his beautiful sculptures will stay exactly where it's intended to.  And he has used quit a generous amount of it in his new work, all of which is available right now.  Seriously, put a spotlight on one of these and you'll be seeing those purple blobs every time you blink your eyes for at least a week and a half.  They are literally stealing light from other galaxies to reflect back at you in glorious fashion.   This is but a sample of the work he has up right now at  All of it is beyond affordable, so go and add some original art to your life.

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