Monday, February 13, 2017

Winter Snow Bon Bun from Sorbet Jungle


    It never fails that this time of year I am compelled for some reason to go places on the coldest days of the month.  Last year Sharon and I went to Toy Fair on Valentine's Day when it was like 3 degrees out.  We emerged from the bowels of Penn Station only to be hit with cold air that felt like a hammer against your skin.  This year we went to Asbury Park to see NXT and it was a blustery 30 degrees, which doesn't feel too bad when getting out of the car, but then you get that nice breeze off of the Atlantic Ocean and you're pretty sure your exposed areas have died and fallen off.  I obviously have a handle on this whole romance business.

    The cold isn't all bad though, for it has inspired these Winter Snow Bon Buns from Sorbet Jungle.  Only 5 of these 2 inch tall resin creations exist (4 in blue and 1 in white) and go on sale tonight, Monday February 13th at 5pm cst.  They're $35 each and only available from    Now do your best to take your loved one somewhere that the threat of frost bite is not an ever present danger.

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