Friday, February 3, 2017

The Blaming One from Kosrobot x Novelty Haus

    There is nothing worse then doing something dumb and not being able to figure a way to blame it on someone else.  Even if the consequences aren't grave, you've gotta be able to at minimum trace it back to something that may possibly explain your actions.  "Yeah, I guess I'm maybe not the most qualified to give the dog a haircut, but maybe if my father had been there for me when I was a kid things would have turned out differently."  That dog looked really good once everything was evened out, by the way, so you're welcome I guess.

    This resin dude from Kosrobot can supposedly be found wandering the universe pointing his finger and blaming everything g he encounters for his space station going kaboom and killing him dead.  So I guess he's like a super annoying space poltergeist who instead of breaking your dishes and slamming your doors he just goes on about how you're the cause of his misfortune.  Typical dead space guy.  You can get one for your collection right now from one of my favorite stores Novelty Haus.  Check it out at and let him give you a lesson in the blame game.

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