Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mega Scale Chucky from Mezco

    You wanna know the best way to stop a burglar?  Stand this guy up in the middle of your living room and wait for hilarity to ensue.  As soon as said burglar goes hunting for your valuables and sees Chucky he will most likely leave you his wallet and an apology letter.  He is also the best way to rid your house of guests who have overstayed their welcome, lingering spirits, and people trying to get you to switch your energy provider (seriously, I'm gonna start firing warning shots).

    Chucky stands 15 inches tall and was meticulously detailed to look exactly like a prop from the films by the folks at Mezco.  Personally, I would replace his knife with maybe a popsicle just in case.  Or one of those pool noodles. Anything that he is less likely to murder me in my sleep with.

    He will be available this September and you can preorder him now for $90 by clicking here.  

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