Thursday, April 4, 2013

Moon Cavey Exclusive for ToyConUK from A Little Stranger x Sergey Safonov

    It would be too easy to make a reference to the brilliant musical stylings of The Lonely Island and T-Pain when talking about this toy.  It would be easy to discuss how certain misery awaits you if you decide to take a cruise because the boat will most likely lose power and the toilets will overflow and everyone will be driven mad.  Or Somalian pirates.  Or the Titanic.  But do I dare interrupt the peacefulness of this Cavey as he drifts along on the sea of tranquility in search of the dreams of yesteryear?

    We all know Cavey, but we didn't know he had a fondness for marine activities.  A Little Stranger and Sergey Safonov combined their toy making powers to bring this exclusive to ToyConUK.  The best part is that this guy isn't made of vinyl, but is instead crafted of porcelain.  I feel just staring at this as it sits on your shelf could make your life stress free.  Only 20 of them exist at £30 each.  They go on sale starting at 11am and you can meet both of the artists in person.

    Maybe one day they will make a viking version with a nice horned helmet and a boat filled with plunder.  A boy can dream.

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