Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Clockwork Carrot from Frank Kozik x Blackbook Toy Preorders Available Now

    Being that yesterday was tax day here in America, I know some of you have some extra cash lying about that you don't quite know what to do with.  Should you put it in a savings account? Should you open up your own meth lab?  In these troubling financial times it's hard to know just where your money will to the most work for you.  May I suggest forgoing the traditional investment options and instead bank your future on the beauty of plastic.

    Frank Kozik and Blackbook Toy are offering up preorders of his A Clockwork Carrot figure as we speak.  For about $120 US dollars you can become the proud owner of 11 inches of Japanese sofubi that one day down the road could help put your kids through college.  Ok, it probably won't, but at least you'll have something cool to leave them when they put you in a home.  

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