Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Star Wars Inspired Tees from Kris Dulfer and Outsmart Originals

    In my humble opinion (which is less humble and more fact I would say) you can't go wrong with Star Wars.  Like, ever.  No matter what you do, if it involves Star Wars, it's gonna be good.  Think about it for a sec.  If you rob an old lady while wearing a Darth Vader mask it totally negates the crime part of it.  If you painted your sketchy van to look like the Millennium Falcon you're not trashy at all, you're the coolest guy on your block.  Adding Star Wars to anything makes it better.  Kris Dulfer knows this and got together with Outsmart Originals to make your wardrobe better.  He took everyone's favorite film, mixed in a little creativity, and BAM: fashion.  You can instantly be the guy (or girl) that everyone asks "where did you get that shirt".  It's the best validation of your good decision making and taste level.  Get yours now by going to

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