Monday, April 22, 2013

DC Comics Mez-Itz Blind Boxed Toys from Mezco

    Blind boxes drive me insane.  Aside from Dunny or Smorkin' Labbits I have all but given up on blind boxes as an option when buying toys.  Yes, it is fun at first to not know what you're getting, but the fun ceases when you get 8 of the same figure and it wasn't even one you liked.  Mezco knows that it sucks to not be able to get the one's you want let alone complete a set so they fixed that with these DC Comics Mez-Itz.  Each case contains 24 blind boxed figures and you are guaranteed to get a complete set!  Buy the case and you get every single one that you could want.  It takes the stress out of spending a lot of money and ending up with stuff you don't want.  And you'll have doubles to trade for other toys!!! Oh my God, its the biggest win-win you've ever seen.  Plus a case only costs $105, which is dirt cheap if you compare it to other blind box releases.  You can preorder these now through Entertainment Earth by clicking the banner at the bottom of the page.  

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