Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mini Mao Resin Bust from Frank Kozik

    I miss the days when you would get the Sears catalogue in the mail, tear it open, and proceed to draw on all of the models.  You'd give em buck teeth or devil horns and they all deserved it.  Especially the underwear models because they looked a little too smug for a bunch of people not wearing pants.

    You know who else deserves it?  Chairman Mao.  The guy was a world class b-hole.  Years ago Frank Kozik added some Mickey Mouse ears to him and an icon was born.  I have a print of this dude hanging on my wall that says "The Bird is the Word" right under his grinning mug that may or may not mean something deeply political, but I like it because it makes me laugh.  People like him deserved to have their legacies mocked, so each time I smile at it maybe it knocks him down another peg.

    Now you can have your very own resin bust of the Chairman to create your own gallery of megalomaniacs.  He'll be available today at noon Pacific time for $40 only at  Only 50 were made and his stuff never lasts long so be quick on your computer if you want one.

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