Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New 8 Inch Dunny from Colus x Kidrobot

    I've noticed that the longer I collect toys the pickier I become about them.  I used to buy anything I was remotely interested in for fear that I would like it a bit more later down the road and it would be completely unattainable.  So I confess that I have let the past few 8 inch Dunny releases pass without acting on them.  That will not be the case with this figure.  

    "The Hunted" was designed by Colus and of course produced by Kidrobot.  The amount of personality that is packed into the black and white color scheme is overwhelming.  And it took me a second to realize that the collar around his neck is actually a wood grained plaque that his head is mounted on.  It truly blurs the toy/art line and that is what makes it successful.  You can add this guy to your collection on April 11th for $75.  1250 of them have been made which makes me worry a little less about being able to obtain one.  There are many sleepless nights when you are toy obsessed.  

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  1. I feel your pain! I am picky and as tight as a crabs arse!!! I can't commit until I have properly mulled it over :-D