Monday, April 29, 2013

A Northern Bog from Frank Kozik x Skinner

    Do I even need to express the fact that I would punch your grandmother in the face to own this?  Cause I would knock that old lady out.  For one, I love the Ultrus Bog figure from Skinner, so right there I'm sold on this sucker.  And two, it was hand painted by Frank Kozik.  That's like putting platinum icing on a solid gold cake.  

    There will only be 9 of the Northern Bog figures made and they go on sale May 1st for $200 at  Do I even need to express the fact that I do not have $200 to spend on this?  I need like a layaway plan or something.  Give me 6 months financing Frank, interest free preferably!  I've got a credit score that makes Visa weep with joy.

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