Friday, April 12, 2013

Bad Apple Smoke Edition from Mighty Jaxx x myplasticheart

    This Bad Apple figure from Mighty Jaxx has come out of nowhere and caused a collecting frenzy like nothing has in recent memory.  I think they could make a "poop brown" edition and people would try to kill each other to get one.  And unlike other toys or artists (who may or may not have infected 30th Street Station in Philly with their presence: Kaws go home!) the hype is well deserved.  You could take it as a commentary on Disney, you could take it as a commentary on politics, or you can just enjoy the fact that it's aesthetically pleasing and an all around cool design.  

    This smoke edition is an exclusive to myplasticheart and the response for it has been insane.  Because of that they have implemented a lottery system for both their in-store and online customers.  Rather than regurgitate all of the information to you myself, I have decided to provide you a handy link so you can hopefully win a chance to purchase this figure.  Just click on it, follow the instructions, and provide ample sacrifice to Thor so that he will crush your enemies and make you victorious.  

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