Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hello Kitty x Kiss Vinyl Figures from Funko

    If there's one thing Kiss is good at, it's merchandising and Hello Kitty is no slacker in that department either.  I have a theory, that thousands of years from now when our civilizations are long gone, folks are going to dig up our archaeological sites and the only things that will have survived will be Hello Kitty stuff.  They will then determine that we worshipped Hello Kitty as a god and create these amazing stories all centered on this little cat.  Could happen.

    So finally, these two titans of manufacturing products have come together with an entire line of things that you're not sure you need, but you kinda want.  Go on, admit it, these figures are adorable.  These were made by Funko and will be available in November for $11.99 each.  I can has them?

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