Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Critters Inspired Mini Figures from The Amazing Zectron

    Do you remember that movie Critters with the freaky little furry things that had a taste for human flesh? No one in their right mind would let one of those things in their house.  For one, it is doubtful that they're potty trained, and for two, they would eat you.  Neither of which is good if your trying to maintain some sort of cleanliness.  But now you can have your very own Critter without having to worry about it nibbling on your calves.  The Amazing Zectron has teamed up with Bigmantoys and Man-E-Toys to present these little carnivores in both rubber and resin editions.  You want a rubber one?  Man-E-Toys will hook you up for $15.  You want a resin one?  Bigmantoys will hook you up for $13.  The rubber are blind bagged and come in a plethora of colors, while the resin come housed in an egg just like the film.  These go on sale Friday, August 24th at 9pm London Time.  

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