Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Companion: Resting Place by Kaws

    You wanna know what the down payment on a new car looks like in toy form? Well, now you know, cause while I don't know much about this figure I can guarantee you it won't be bargain priced. And why should it, because Kaws knows he can get away with charging whatever he wants for these things and people will buy them up like they dispensed gold doubloons from their butts. I'm pretty sure that no matter what the underside of this dude looks like, it does not have those capabilities.

    I'll give a tad bit of credit where it is due and applaud him for not just taking a popular character and putting X's where it's eyes should be and calling it good (what? that already happened? a lot you say? dang.). And I do like blood and guts, so if you're gonna pry my mortgage money out of my hand it's a fair way to do it. Or with a taxidermied polar bear. I seriously have a great place in my house for it and I think it would blow my cat's minds. What were we talking about?

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