Friday, August 17, 2012

Cherry Bomb from 3AA Available Today (for 3AA Members)

    Many toy companies offer membership packages that give you a bunch of free stuff and allow you special access to figure releases.  This new Cherry Bomb figure from 3AA is the most compelling reason ever to take advantage of such offers.  Go ahead and drool over this toy all you want, think about where you would put it on your shelf, imagine a girl that dresses like this would ever talk to you in real life, etc. etc. but it would be in vain.  Cause unless you are a 3AA member, you are not able to get this when it releases later on today.  Maybe you can get lucky and snag one on eBay for 3 times the price, but I somehow don't see anyone parting with this without you holding a gun to their head.  And I didn't just post this to torture you, because I am lacking said membership myself and rueing the day I passed on one.  Curse me and my attempts at fiscal responsibility!!!

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