Friday, August 10, 2012

Necrolameicon from We Become Monsters

    If you buy only one book of necromancy this year, this should be it.  And while you cannot actually open this volume and gaze upon its dark secrets,  rest assured that it is packed full of the sort of thing that would drive angry villagers to toast you over a bonfire.

    Behold the Necrolameicon, clad in the plastic skin of undead toys, written in the blood of a virgin Barbie!  For a mere $12 We Become Monsters will be happy to send you your own unholy copy of the black arts.  And they'll even throw in a free slab figure, made of resin that has been cast out of the light and forced to dwell forever in the shadows.  Get one before your evil little friend does and uses it to turn you into a newt.

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