Friday, August 17, 2012

Custom Toy of the Week: Trenton M.

    For the most part I like my toys to be pretty crazy looking.  I like weird designs and tons of colors and huge sculpts.  I'm an American and we're kinda bred to do things over the top.  But I also have a great appreciation for things that are done simply, because often times a minimal approach can have the best impact.  And I like cats.  This is Lily and she is the creation of Trenton M.  She is a 2 inch tall DIY cat that is cast in solid resin.  For $15 you can get one and paint it up however you like, or you can just leave it white, which is what I would do.  I love it anytime I see someone making their own toys and this one is a definite winner in my books.  Get one for yourself at

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