Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Erick Scarecrow for NYCC Sneak Peeks

   Erick Scarecrow is building up the hype on his Twitter feed for his New York Comic Con releases and just in case you're silly enough to not follow him, I've collected the goods right here for ya.

   You see that S. Maria figure there?  There's only gonna be 8 of them in the entire world!!!!  All hand painted and available at the con for a few lucky folks.

    This picture is full of mystery.  What does it look like?  How many will there be?  I'm sure he'll let us know as the event gets closer.  Is it gonna drive me mad until then?  Probably.

    This Papa Sama Medici Guard figure is painted up with Monster Kolor paints (as if you couldn't tell) and will also be haunting my dreams until we get the full reveal.

    Log onto your Twitter account and follow Mr. Scarecrow right now so you can be tormented along with me.  And don't forget to pick up your Comic Con tickets now before they're sold out and you're stuck at home watching reruns of Pawn Stars.  

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