Monday, August 13, 2012

Dweezil Dragon by Kronk x Kidrobot

    This toy is insaaaaaaaaaane. I had no idea that dragons had interests other than sitting on their piles of loot and terrorizing the odd village here and there. Who knew they were also social beings with a penchant for urban fashion? Kronk and Kidrobot have teamed up to show us how well rounded these mystical creatures are with this new release. His name is Dweezil and stands at an impressive 15 inches tall. Big figures also come with big price tags, and at $350 you might wanna start lifting the couch cushions now and hoping that buried beneath them is more than just the random potato chip. But I really don't think the price is unreasonable when you consider the amount of work that went into a figure this detailed and the fact that only 300 of each color exist in the world. On August 23rd you can make all of your other toys feel a little bit inadequate by bringing Dweezil home.

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