Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Peter Kato is Gonna Make Christmas Even Cuter With His Latest Releases

    I don't know how people manage to live in those parts of the world that stay dark for months at a time, because the weather here has been depressing.  Though it's far from being as black as midnight out, everything is just covered in a shade of grey that makes you want to stay in bed till well after lunch time.  We desperately need something to brighten up our lives when the outside world refuses to, and that's where Peter Kato comes in with his festive resin creations.  

    There's bunnies everywhere!!!!!  There's sleeping bunnies, and polka dot bunnies, and even bunnies for your Christmas tree.  

    Ok, I know you just squealed with excitement, so let me give you all the pertinent details.  Everything you see above goes on sale tomorrow, December 11th, at 8pm eastern time only from  These always sell out fast, so be ready to get down to business if you want one.  

     Now if you are of keen eye you might have noticed something that looks completely different/no rabbit like.  That is the work of Kevin Nam, who approached Peter about doing an internship with him.  Having no prior experience, Peter taught him as much as he could then challenged him to make his own toy.  The result is Big Top, which actually spins and has three separate hands that each represent either rock paper or scissors, so you can play against a friend or your most competitive cat.  They come in a few different colors and will be $30 each.  

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