Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Huffington Post asks "Are Art Toys Over?"

    Read The Huffington Post's original article here, and then proceed to my rant below.  

    Ok, now first I must apologize for wasting those few minutes of your life to read that.  Apparently a major journalistic site finds it completely acceptable to determine whether something that many people love is dead or not in such a boring little blip of an article.  The writer just decided to herself "hey, I wonder if like, Kidrobot and art toys are a thing anymore" asked two people what they thought, and concluded "oh, I guess so, kinda."  How do you start with a headline that obviously deserves a great deal of attention/research/forethought, and create something that could be rivaled by most 15 year old's Facebook posts about how their parents suck for not letting them go to the Lady Gaga concert?  

   Am I just a tad biased because I happen to be a collector?  Of course, let's not kid ourselves here.  But I'm also angry because someone actually got paid to write that article.  I toil away on this wee little website day after day just for the satisfaction of knowing people are reading this and hopefully enjoying it.  I've never made a dime doing it and I resent that someone could write something so boring and cash a check for it.  And she called us all hipsters, which is further proof that the writer really has no idea what she's talking about, and should probably stick to writing such compelling articles as "The Easiest, Most DIY Bacon" or "Packing for Baby's First Roadtrip."  Isn't that who you want to determine whether your favorite hobby is destined for the same fate as Beanie Babies?  

    She asked people's opinions about what she had to say, so why not bombard her with how you feel at this link.  

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