Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Iron Monster "Glow in the Dark" Version from Miscreation Toys

    One of the best things about collecting anything is figuring out how you're going to display it.  I love the look of old display cases packed to the gills with so much stuff that every time you look at them you notice something different.  The problem I have with most vinyl is that there seems to be some unwritten rule that everything will be one of two sizes and that's it.  I need giant toys to stand in the back and look menacing while not getting lost amid the cluttered masses in front of them.  Welcome to the solution of my dreams.  

    Ok, there's plenty more to love about this Iron Monster from Miscreation Toys than just his whopping 15 inch height.  For one, I love classic film monsters, and this dude is based on The Phantom Creeps from 1939.  And he reminds me a lot of the guy that comes out and stalks Rob Zombie around on stage.  He also glows in the dark and comes with an 11x17 print by Worthy Enemies, who also did the header card art.  This dude is available in limited quantities right now from  

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