Monday, December 29, 2014

Civic Defense Bertie Mk2 and Mule Rev3 from 3A

    It boggles the mind why we don't have war robots for real yet.  I know that if we did we'd be sliding down that slippery slope towards total human annihilation from our soon to be sentient robot overlords, but how awesome do these guys look?  And if I learned anything from watching Smokey and the Bandit a 1,000 times, it's not what happens at the end, but how cool you look getting there.    

    3A should be commissioned to design all of the world's military weaponry.  War would be so much more stylish.  Until that day comes, you'll have to buy up everything they make and pretend in the privacy of your own home.  Right now you can preorder these Civic Defense dudes over at to add to your collection/ongoing quest for world domination in your living room.  

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