Friday, December 26, 2014

Okami Limited Edition Resin Figure from Fakir

    Our cats were all about Christmas yesterday.  Every year we buy them a ton of little toys, open them all at once, and watch the madness ensue as they try to play with everything.  It's quite entertaining/dangerous for my wife and I.  Whats really weird is you can buy them a ton of stuff and you will never see most of it again.  I don't know if they stow them away for when hard times hit or if they're shoving them down the vents in the floor, but it's a strange phenomena that warrants further investigation.

    Is this dude a cat?  A dog?  A really pale raccoon?  I dunno, but I know I like him.  Fakir will be releasing a limited run of ten of these resin dudes on Monday, January 5th, through  Each one comes with a signed print and a sticker.


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