Monday, December 1, 2014

Purchase A Raffle Ticket Now To Help Nerviswr3k

     It's easy to get cynical this time of year.  You're stressed out because you have a ton of shopping to do and no time to do it and when you go shopping the experience can be anything but festive.  You've got traveling to plan, long lines at the post office, and your credit card companies are close to hiring Boba Fett to help them get paid.  Many of us find ourselves caught up in these things instead of what this time of year is really all about, and that's celebrating your friends and family and putting the needs of other people first.

    Recently, a member of Nerviswr3k's family passed away, leaving behind a young girl to take care of.  Of course this is going to be a rough time for everyone involved, but with our help we can ease their burdens just a little and help make the Christmas season a bit brighter.  Tenacious Toys is holding a raffle from now until December 10th, in which for $10 you will get a sticker pack with donations from Renone, Abe Lincoln Jr., and Sticker Robot.  Every penny of that money is going directly to Nerviswr3k's family.  Didn't I say something about a raffle?  Each sticker pack you buy is one entry into a raffle for some killer prizes, including rare toys and custom figures.  To get a sticker pack see all the prizes that are available, visit this link.  

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