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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Clockwork Carrot "Break In" Edition from Frank Kozik x Blackbook Toy

    When you're entering a life of crime you really have to put a lot of thought into a good disguise.  How many times do you see security footage on the news of people robbing banks that look like they were just hanging out at the mall?  They walk in wearing sunglasses and with their hoods up and they think they've got some invisibility cloak.  I get that you kind of stick out if you're wearing a Halloween mask in April, but a little bit of effort will go a long way towards not making you some big dude's girlfriend on cell block B.

    Lil Alex knows the benefit of not only shielding your identity but making a statement while doing it.  Tim Gunn would be proud at his ability to edit down his mask to the basics while maintaining a clear and concise fashion point of view.  The latest version of Kozik's naughty little bunny is available for preorder right now from the folks at Blackbook Toy.  And when you order from them you get a special limited edition button to snaz up that jean jacket of yours.

Friday, January 16, 2015

A Clockwork Carrot: Lil Alex Haunted Edition from Frank Kozik x Blackbook Toy

    I'm glad that the "haunted" part of this toy is just implied and not really a testament to the fact that a malevolent spirit has taken up residence in it.  I have enough things in my house with the potential for bad juju without having to worry about the toys I buy needing a young and old priest.  For my birthday my wife bought me an antique glass eye cause I've kinda been obsessed with them for a while.  The craftsmanship on them are mind blowing and they really are stunning little works of art that just so happened to have once resided in a real human being's vacant ocular cavity.  No big deal right?  But on the off chance that the previous owner is not too happy about not entering the afterlife with his prized prosthetic, the wife and I found a vintage pill box, propped it up with some cotton, and gave it a display fit for royalty. Or hopefully fit enough to calm any angry ghosts.  When you have peculiar tastes you sometimes have to go out of your way to prepare for anything.

    This is my favorite edition of Frank Kozik's Lil Alex figure by far.  I like the fact that it's made out of what I can only describe as a smoky vinyl.  Sounds classy right?  Like you could be sipping Absinthe and discussing art with Marlene Dietrich in Weimar-Era Berlin.  

Snap out of it doll face and flick your cigarette already before you burn yourself. 

    Blackbook Toy has this guy available right now on their website:  

Friday, July 18, 2014

SDCC Exclusive NekoFukurou by Jeff Soto x Blackbook Toy x DKE

    You know why these are great?  You don't have to answer cause I'm gonna tell you.  These are more than just toys: they're uber functional design pieces that you can change with your mood.  There's a cat on one side, an owl on the other, and they come in two different colors.  You can mix, you can match, you can drive yourself absolutely crazy with the possibilities.  And they're hollow, so you can get all DIY and put a little LED light under them.  Or those awkward photos that your best friend knows to burn in case you ever turn up dead.  I'm not here to judge.  

    Jeff Soto and Blackbook Toy created these and they will be another DKE exclusive at San Diego Comic Con.  I'm not allowed to have these because it would cause me to have a melt down trying to decide how to display them.  They're just teasing my obsessiveness.  

Monday, November 4, 2013

"Toxic Green" A Clockwork Carrot by Frank Kozik x Blackbook Toy for Designer Con

    Our humble narrator looks a little green around the gills.  Perhaps this is a homage to Alex's treatment kicking in anytime he tries to partake in a bit of the ultra violence.  Perhaps he just lives near one of those super fund sites that we have scattered all over New Jersey.  Whatever the case may be, you can bring one of these "Toxic Green" editions of Frank Kozik's x Blackbook Toys A Clockwork Carrot home with you when they are released at Designer Con this weekend.  Limited to only 50 pieces, you can get one at booth #318.  They assure me that he is neither radioactive nor will he puke on the car ride home.  I've been lied to about both of those things before, but I still married Sharon anyway.  

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Clockwork Carrot Signing with Frank Kozik at Toy Art Gallery

    Frank Kozik is going to be at Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles this Saturday night to sign his A Clockwork Carrot figures.  He's also going to be releasing the new, all white, "Pure Evil" version of this massive figure that is a shared exclusive between TAG and Blackbook Toy.  That's it.  That's literally all I have.  I tried to think of something funny or clever to say but for some reason my brain isn't functioning at full capacity today.  I wanted to concoct a way to have everyone that attends bring him fried pies like Hostess used to make because I remember him posting on Facebook that he liked them and it would be funny if every picture of the event involved a huge pile of snack food that he was brought as some quasi-offering.  Like, if he was the toughest guy on your cell block and the only way he would protect your hind parts from the leering eye of Bubba was if once a week you cleaned the commissary out of their fried fruit pies.  I know I have a lot of readers in the greater Los Angeles area, so buy the man some pies and then buy yourself a toy and have him scrawl his name somewhere on it.  You'll be a better person for it.  

Friday, May 24, 2013

New Rat Fink Items from Blackbook Toy

    Ed "Big Daddy" Roth designed and built some of the craziest cars that have ever existed, but even if you've never seen one of his customs, you probably recognize Rat Fink.  He's been featured on every product type imaginable, tattooed on countless bodies, and reinterpreted by artists for decades.  Now you can class up your garage with these latest releases from Blackbook Toy.  

    First up is the new 10 inch resin big head statue.  This thing must weigh a ton and would be the first thing I grabbed if someone broke into my house.  One whack to the head and they won't remember their entire childhood.  You could also just look at it too I suppose.  

    They also have these new blind boxed mini figures.  While they won't do you much good in the realm of home defense, they are pretty cool.  And if you buy a box of 12 you're guaranteed to get the whole set.  Should all blind boxed toys be like this?  Yeah, yeah they should.  I'd consider buying them again if they were, but as of right now I get too stressed out when I get 30 of the same figure and want to punch babies.