Monday, November 4, 2013

"Toxic Green" A Clockwork Carrot by Frank Kozik x Blackbook Toy for Designer Con

    Our humble narrator looks a little green around the gills.  Perhaps this is a homage to Alex's treatment kicking in anytime he tries to partake in a bit of the ultra violence.  Perhaps he just lives near one of those super fund sites that we have scattered all over New Jersey.  Whatever the case may be, you can bring one of these "Toxic Green" editions of Frank Kozik's x Blackbook Toys A Clockwork Carrot home with you when they are released at Designer Con this weekend.  Limited to only 50 pieces, you can get one at booth #318.  They assure me that he is neither radioactive nor will he puke on the car ride home.  I've been lied to about both of those things before, but I still married Sharon anyway.  

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