Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sugar Lamb, Go! Black Sheep Edition from Brandi Milne x 3DRetro

    Ever wonder where that black sheep from this Minor Threat album ended up?  Sure he ran away from the herd, hell bent on doing his own thing cause you weren't the boss of him.  But did he find the life he was looking for?  Did he realize his punk rock fantasy?  Well, today we have answers.  Like many outcasts before him, he ran away to join the circus.  We have exclusive photos of him in his new life as a carousel animal:

    He certainly looks happy enough, carrying around this girl and her mighty load of peppermints.  This is Sugar, Lamb Go! from Brandi Milne in an uber rare Black Sheep Edition.  How uber rare?  Well, she only has 20 of them available on her site.  They come signed too.  Get one now for that special black sheep in your life to show them you understand their struggles of trying to become the best toy blogger in the world.  Or something.  

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