Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Two Much! Special Edition Kits from Dirty Donny

    I used to try and build models as a kid.  Well, I tried once actually to put a Dodge Viper together and ended up glueing most of the small parts to my hands.  In the end, the car kinda sagged in the middle, the tires didn't roll right, and the engine didn't have all of the necessary pieces you would need in real life to make it work.  It was a hooptie.  As I've gotten older I've kind of wanted to give it a try again and this would be exactly where I would want to start.

    Look at this pile of loot from Dirty Donny.  Not only do you get a sweet monster model kit from AMT in the package (signed on the box), but you get an air brushed tote bag, a record he compiled and released himself that has long sold out, and a ton of other goodies all for only $100.  If you wanna get one of these you gotta act fast and email to get one.  And this is only for US residents, so make some American friends real quick if you live elsewhere.  

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