Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Retro Outlaw Moving Sale Starts Tonight

    Moving sucks.  It's like some sick form of torture to prove to you how much useless stuff you have.  The last time we moved I thought about just throwing everything out and starting fresh, just so I didn't have to box it up and load it onto a truck.  I've moved a lot in my life and I've just kept a lot of things in boxes because it's too much work to unpack it.  One day I'll have a great time digging through it all and trying to remember where it came from.  

    Retro Outlaw is moving to a new studio and need your help to lighten their load.  Starting tonight they're gonna have a 5 day long sale that will include their uber popular Evel Fett figures for only $100 each, $10 t-shirts, and a bunch of other discounted things you're gonna beg your momma to buy you.  And every purchase over $50 gets entered to win a special 1 off Evel Fett in Carbonite:

Check it out later tonight at

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