Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Monoclon from Cojica Toys x Lulubell Toy Bodega

    I happen to know somebody who thinks dinosaurs never existed.  I can't even remember how such a topic was brought up, but she just flat out doesn't believe they were ever real.  I've never heard anyone say this before, so I asked her why she felt this way.  She proceeded to tell me that she doesn't believe they were ever real, and I quote, because "they are just too big."  That's it.  No religious, or scientific reason.  Not even something that was suggested by Kanye West.  Nope, just that they would be "too big."  Oh, and the groundhog we have that lives outside might be an armadillo (in New Jersey), except for the fact that they're extinct. Her wealth of knowledge about our natural world knows no bounds.  

    But who really cares if dinosaurs never lived due to size limitations, cause they still make cool toys.  Like this Monoclon dude from Cojica Toys.  On December 1st you'll be able to own one for yourself when they go on sale through Lulubell Toy Bodega at noon Pacific time.  

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