Friday, November 1, 2013

Axeface Warchiefs from Monstrehero Release Today!!!!!

    I am all about telling you about stuff the day they release for some reason.  It's not intentional I assure you.  I kind of got messed up the other day when my internet was out, so my posts are all screwy and a day or so behind where I intended them to be.  But on the bright side it doesn't give you much time to contemplate whether or not you're gonna buy something, because if you don't act immediately you may miss out, so I'm helping you live more in the moment.  You probably should thank me or something.  

    You know what's great about these?  I would have gone ape for them as a kid.  They would have been caked in mud and there would have been sand grinding away in their joints from epic backyard adventures.  Now I'm feeling all nostalgic.  These guys are the creations of Monstrehero and they can belong to you when they go on sale today, November 1st, at noon Eastern time through   

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