Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from The Toy Viking

    Magnus the Conquer hopes you have a happy Halloween.  Stay away from Ouija boards and that creepy guy's house at the end of the street that has all the junk cars in the yard.  And let your parents check your candy before you eat any of it because they've let you live in their house rent free since you were born and it's the least you could do you little bum.  Just kidding, it's to keep you safe.  

    **Editors Note:  This cat's name is not actually Magnus.  It could be Snowball or Jigglypuff for all I know, cause we just Googled "cat in a viking costume" and this is what came up.  That doesn't make us bad people.  And we have no idea whose toes those are in the upper right corner, but kudos to them for being neatly manicured in preparation for this photo.  

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