Friday, October 4, 2013

Lulubell Toy Bodega x Mike Egan NYCC Exclusives

    Lulubell Toy Bodega always brings the craziest stuff to New York Comic Con.  Their wares will blow your mind right out of the back of your skull and into the always long line for the ATM.  While your brain waits to make a withdrawal the rest of your body could be snagging one of these two exclusives from Mike Egan.  There will be 25 of those unpainted red Bones figures and 25 of those Red Lucky Devils and both will be $60 each.  No special release time has been announced, but you could always run straight to booth #408 and harass Amy until she tells you.  Actually she's really nice so you shouldn't harass her, you should just ask politely and not be weird about it.  

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