Thursday, October 17, 2013

Seen at NYCC 2013: Kaiju Monster

    The Kaiju Monster booth at New York Comic Con could supply enough ideas to make Japanese monster movies for the next 100 years.  I'm in no way an expert on this stuff, but it is some of my favorite to look at.  From the sculpting to the paint jobs, every inch of every figure is interesting and the more you stare, the more stuff you'll notice about each one.  

    It was good seeing my buddy Brian from Guumon again.  Super nice dude who loves making monsters.  This is one of those figures that I can't pinpoint any one particular reason that I love it, but it just strikes me.   I have a short list of figures that I don't own yet but that I really want and this guy is definitely on there.  

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    I love this dude.  I have no idea who made him, but I might have to hunt one of these down.  

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