Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Horseman's Head from Plaseebo

    I'm sick.  Not in the mental way, mind you, but like head filled with snot and sore throat sick.  It sucks. Plaseebo has perfectly captured how I feel with this "Horseman's Head" piece.  Of course, he was inspired by the Sleepy Hallow story and not the tale of my sinus infection, but I can still relate.  He only made 5 of these resin melons and they come loaded with an led light that changes color that makes the eyes, mouth, nose, and brain glow.  Each one is hand made and will cost $220 plus shipping.  Can you imagine if for some reason they deliver this to the wrong house and someone opens it not knowing what to expect?  It would be like the ending of that movie Seven when Brad Pitt gets all freaked out after his special delivery.  

    In order to buy one of these you have to enter a lottery by doing this:

    Send an email with your Name, Address and Email address to:
DEADLINE for entry is Tuesday, October 29.

    Then on November 1st you'll know if you have the chance to purchase one.  

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